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Also, more voices are available for certain solutions. Terms of Service - This demo is for evaluation purposes only; commercial use is strictly forbidden. No static audio files may be produced, downloaded, or distributed. The background music in the voice demo is not included with the purchased product.

english x voices

ReadSpeaker text-to-speech voices are humanlike, relatable voices. The enthusiastic feedback we receive from our customers confirms that we deliver the very best TTS solutions for successful online, offline, embedded and server-based applications around the world.

Our commitment to providing outstanding TTS solutions is made possible by our uncompromising production process, designed to guarantee the quality levels that have earned ReadSpeaker TTS the trust of customers from across countries and markets.

To create our speech personas, we select and record professional voice talents. In the resulting speech database, each utterance is segmented into individual parts, such as phones, syllables, and words. Once a voice talent has been selected, she or he works with our voice development team for several weeks.

Voiced vs. Voiceless Consonants

A diverse script is used for the recordings, designed to contain all the sound patterns of the language in development.

The team closely monitors the recording process to check for consistency in pronunciation, accentuation, and style. In the second phase of TTS voice creation, a rich mark-up is added to the speech recordings. Each word, phoneme and stress is annotated as well as several other aspects. The technical team works its magic on this process — using a powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies on big amounts of data to optimize annotations.

Our state-of-the-art methodologies are augmented by the linguistic expertise of our team. Through a system of high-quality feedback and a thorough Quality Assurance process by mother-tongue experts, imperfections are continuously corrected. In parallel, ReadSpeaker is also working on the future of text to speech by developing techniques based on deep learning. This technique uses an iterative learning process to minimize objectively measurable differences between the predicted acoustic features and the observed acoustic features in the training set.

This makes developing new, smart ReadSpeaker TTS voices with even more lifelike, expressive speech and customizable intonation faster than ever. If your strategy is to offer an exclusive customer experience and you want to take your brand appeal to a new level, one of the most powerful ways to differentiate yourself is by using a custom voice to represent you. A custom voice sets your brand apart and creates a powerful bond with your customers across your various communication touchpoints.

If a preferred celebrity or other talent reflects your brand best and you want to be able to use their voice anytime you need it, ReadSpeaker can create a custom TTS voice powered by our leading-edge speech engine, to give your brand instant recognition in the voice user interface.

This website use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Go to Menu Search on ReadSpeaker. Contact Us. Select Your Language and Voice.

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Our voices not only sound real, they have character, making them suitable for any application that requires speech output. CereProc is a Scottish company, based in Edinburgh, the home of advanced speech synthesis research, with a sales office in London. The CereProc team have extensive experience across the entire speech technology domain. Use our live demo above or listen to some samples from our range of voices. The CereProc cServer 5.

It is ideally suited to multi-threaded environments, supporting applications such as IVR, alert systems, multimedia, web reading, chatbots, and many more. CereProc has developed the world's most advanced text-to-speech voice creation system. We build voices faster and more efficiently than anyone else. CereVoice Me is a revolutionary online voice cloning tool from CereProc - allowing you to create a computer version of your own voice!

Our engineers have simplified CereProc's industry-leading text-to-speech voice creation process, allowing you to carry out recordings in your own home in as little as a couple of hours. CereProc's uniquely characterful text-to-speech voices can replace the default voice on your computer, tablet, or phone, with a wide range of accents and language.

It is fast, stable, and highly configurable, and is well suited to research into text-to-speech and dialogue applications. This improved customer service; saved costs by reducing the number of staff on the information desks and increased audibility, engaging travellers in a diverse range of languages using characterful voices which customers could relate to. Sony's Xperia Ear a personal assistant that provides personalised updates for on the go.

CereProc has worked together on a large number of innovative commerical projects with large corporations. Skip to main content. CereProc's technology, quite literally, speaks for itself. We look forward to hearing from you. Hanson Robotics using our custom voice creation service.

More Case Studies. CereProc has worked together on a large number of innovative commerical projects with large corporations See our clients.There are client, server, and mobile versions of Microsoft text-to-speech voices. Client voices are shipped with Windows operating systems; server voices are available for download for use with server applications such as Speech Server, Lync etc.

Windows 10 also brings the mobile text to speech voices to the desktop starting with the Anniversary Update. It is used by Narratorthe screen reader program built into the operating system.

Microsoft Mike and Microsoft Mary are optional male and female voices respectively, available for download from the Microsoft website. SAPI 4 redistributable versions are downloadable for Windows 9xalthough no longer from the Microsoft website. Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike and Microsoft Mary can be used on Windows Vista and later with a third-party program like Speakonia and TTSReader installed on the machine that supports these operating systems; however, the speech patterns differ from the Windows XP versions of these voices.

There is no male voice shipping with Windows Vista and Windows 7. It can also be obtained in non-Chinese versions of Windows 7 or Vista by installing the Chinese language pack. InMicrosoft released the newer Speech Platform compatible voices for Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech for use with client and server applications.

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These voices are available in 26 languages [3] and can be installed on Windows client and server operating systems. Speech Platform voices unlike SAPI 5 voices, are female-only, no male voices are released publicly yet. The server versions of these voices are available via above mentioned Speech Platform for operating systems earlier than Windows 8.

Other voices are available for specific language versions of either Windows 8 or Windows 8. These are the same voices found on Windows Phone 8Windows Phone 8. Also with these voices language packs are also available for a variety of voices similar to that of Windows 8 and 8.

None of these voices match the Cortana text-to-speech voice which can be found on Windows Phone 8. In an attempt to unify its software with Windows 10all of Microsoft's current platforms use the same text-to-speech voices except for Microsoft David and a few others.

All mobile voices have been made universal and any user who downloads the language pack of that choice will have one extra male and female voice per that package. A hidden text-to-speech voice in Windows 10 called Microsoft Eva Mobile is present within the system.This is a list of English-language voice actors in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

english x voices

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List of English-language voice actors

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Sonic the Hedgehog. Miles "Tails" Prower. Ivo Robotnik.

english x voices

Princess SallyNicole. RobotnikSwat-Botsadditional voices. Young Sonic the Hedgehog. Knuckles the Echidnaadditional voices. Knuckles the Echidna. Doctor RobotnikPresident. Miles "Tails" Prower Sonic Adventure 2. Knuckles the Echidna Sonic Adventure. E GammaPachacamacPresident. Miles "Tails" ProwerOmochao. EggmanGerald RobotnikEggman Nega. Vector the Crocodile Shadow the Hedgehog.

Espio the ChameleonDuke of Soleanna. Vanilla the Rabbit. BocoeButler Tanaka. Jonathan Todd Ross. Madeleine Blaustein. Miles "Tails" Prower -Wave the Swallow. Knuckles the Echidna -Storm the AlbatrossZavok -

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